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At Dynamico, we’ve focused on building a mentorship program that will help companies and founders by connecting them to individuals who they can learn from, who can advise them, and who they can rely on for expertise. We have a variety of mentors across all different industries and stages of companies, on both sides of the table (founders and investors) and that’s what really helps entrepreneurs. Through mentors, companies will have access to people who understand Silicon Valley and how it works, they’ll be able to talk to people who have been through accelerator programs like YC, TechStars, or StartX, and advise them on how best to grow and build their companies.

We view mentorship at Dynamico as a 4-pronged approach:

  • Peer mentorship from other entrepreneurs and founders

    Learning from other entrepreneurs is one of the most effective ways for a founder to learn how to take a company from 0 to 1. Being able to talk to someone who has been through the trenches and who has already been through what you’re going through is one of the most helpful things you can have. Dynamico helps streamline this process by bringing in startups at multiple stages, so that entrepreneurs can group together and learn from each other as they navigate similar challenges.

  • Industry mentorship

    Building a company in every vertical is different. Starting a company in biotech is very different than scaling a saas company, and it’s very helpful to have mentors who can help you understand the nuances of the industry that you’re in. Dynamico has mentors across a wide variety of industries, and because of its unique relationship with the Philippine government, has a deep expertise in South East Asia, both in terms of launching in that area and also hiring teams there.

  • Expertise mentorship

    As the head of engineering in the companies I’ve been in, I have always looked to other technical leaders to find better ways to build my engineering organization, whether it’s optimizing code for efficiency or optimizing processes to better serve your engineers. At Joymode, my last company, where we dealt with warehouse automation, I met with the team at Good Eggs to tour the Good Eggs warehouse and learn about their processes, and it was incredibly helpful when thinking through similar problems at my company. Dynamico’s Founder Program provides monthly info sessions on legal advice, working with governments, help with financing, and other issues that are critical for founders.

  • Fundraising Investor mentorship

    Raising funding and investing in companies are very specific skills that aren’t necessarily widely distributed in other parts of the world. One of the great things about San Francisco is you have a high concentration of people that have done both, and are willing to help people who are just starting out. As Dynamico starts to ramp up ’s community events, this will be a for partners are a great way for founders and VCs to meet, and the mentorship program builds upon that to help founders hone their pitch as they start fundraising for their companies. It is also a great opportunity for new or less experienced investors to meet with other investors who have a long track record to learn about what it means to invest in startups, to understand what expected returns are, and to learn how to structure their investment portfolios.

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mentors . dynamico resident

nancy hwang

Nancy Hwang

  • Mentor Coordinator
  •  Head
  • Customer Experience
  • Geo Enterprise

Jessica Tsoong

  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Relay Ventures
  • Founder
  • WiFi Slam – acquired by Apple
  • Investor | Advisor

Waynn Lue

  • Founder | CTO
  • Joymode
  • Investor | Advisor
  • PagerDuty – IPO $120M
woman smiling

Divya Nag

  • Director of Health | Apple
  • 40 under 40 Forbes
  • Founder | Stem Cell Theranostics
Raphael Tse

Raphael Tse

  • Strategy and
    Operations Leader
  • Google
  • Personal & Professional
  • Development Coach
Matthew Brightman

Matthew Brightman

  • Sr. Product Manager
  • Google
  • Advisor
Ray Potter

Ray Potter

  • Co-Founder | CEO
Kenneth Wu

Kenneth Wu

  • CTO | Co-Founder
    Presidio Medical, Inc

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Virtual Tech Teams

Helping companies focus on their core strengths by providing easy access to back office services. An always on virtual team that customers can connect to at any time.


Office Rental

Dynamico space has the most accessible office spaces for rent right in San Francisco, Union Square. Enjoy newly renovated office spaces and customized packages catered to your business needs.


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woman working

startups exposure

Expose Silicon-Valley based startups to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

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community events

Quarterly events and weekly meetups on Southeast Asia opportunities – target VC and founders.

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founder program

Target startups that is interested in Southeast Asia & need help starting.

launch program

Target startups that is ready to launch or validate in Southeast Asia.