Choosing a Conference Room 101: Guide on Equipment and Tools

Choosing a Conference Room 101

One of the things that most employees probably dread is meetings. It seems like a dark aura surrounds their offices’ conference rooms every time they are called for a meeting or even a simple presentation. Although meetings are indeed quite intimidating, conference rooms should never be. It is one thing to worry about meetings, but it is another thing to get stressed because of how uninviting your conference room looks.

How your conference room looks is vital in leaving a good lasting impression on your clients and your employees. It not only sets the mood in your meetings but also tells a lot about your company. A good conference room gives prospective clients an overview of your company’s values and work ethics. So, if you want to show your clients what your company’s really got, why don’t you start by choosing the best conference room? Here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best equipment and tools to put in your conference rooms.

1. Choose the best layout for your conference room.

First things first! Before you choose what types of tables and chairs are perfect for your conference room, take a little step back and decide the best layout for your company. Do you prefer your conference rooms to look traditional or a bit modern? Whatever you choose, make sure to consider what your company really needs. What type of meetings will you generally hold? What other agenda are you planning to do in your conference rooms?
Once you have decided on the most suitable layout for your conference room, you are good to go! Your layout will determine where you will place the lights, outlets, and cameras, among all the other things you will need during your meetings.

2. Invest in reliable and long-term sets of equipment and tools.

What’s a conference room that has substandard, poor-quality equipment and tools? EXTRA HASSLE. Meetings are already stressful enough for your employees, so do not stress them out more because of malfunctioning projectors, cords, or uncomfortable chairs. Invest in reliable sets of equipment and tools that you know will last longer. It will reduce your company’s expenses and increase your employees’ productivity, especially during meetings.
Here are some of the essential equipment that your conference room should have.

a. Conference table and high chairs
Two of the things that make a conference room look like one are the tables and chairs. Choosing a set of tables and chairs may look quite simple, but it is one of the essential parts of building your conference rooms. Your conference tables will be your company’s oyster. It is where you will build ideas and share insights with your employees and connect with your prospective clients. Of course, you have to match your table with chairs where your employees and clients will be comfortable sitting for possibly long hours of meetings and discussions.

b. Privacy glass walls and doors
As much as it is important to promote transparency in your company, it is also crucial to show your clients that you value privacy. So, if you want to keep your meetings private without giving up the welcoming feel of the room, try installing a privacy glass.

c. Digital audiovisual projector and screen
Digital audiovisual projectors are one of the essentials in your conference room. Presentations are crucial for meetings, so you have to invest in a projector with good light output, resolution, and low noise. For a better experience, invest in a ceiling-mounted projector to save space. Also, do not forget to strategically place your projector so you can maximize its good features.

Now, decide on the most suitable screen size for your conference room’s projector screen. It does not necessarily have to take up an entire wall of the room, or you will all get soaked up by radiation. Try considering the distances between the seats and the projector screen to know what your employees and clients would feel like when you are all in a meeting watching a presentation.

d. Cables and cords

Cables and cords are the things that often make conference rooms look messy and disorganized. But still, these are important tools for your conference rooms. If possible, be prepared with all cables and cords, especially now that almost every gadget has its connection type. To make your conference room look organized, tidy up the cables and cords and place them in cabinets or storage containers. That way, you can get what you need without everything cluttered on the floor of your conference rooms.

e. Sound system (Microphones and speakers)
An installed sound system in your conference rooms is especially important if your company is already holding large meetings. Of course, you would not want to shout at each other while discussing your ideas. Investing in a good sound system will maximize. Low-quality microphones that produce cracking sounds could drive prospective clients away from your company and add to your ’employees’ stress during meetings. On the other hand, good-quality microphones and speakers will ensure a smooth flow of conversation between you and your clients and employees during meetings.

f. Single Control or Wireless System
If you do not want to keep a bunch of remote controls for your projector, screen, lights, and many more, you can always invest in installing a conference room automation system. This system lets you control the conference room through a single remote controller.

If you do not want to have remote controls, technology allows you to have a wireless system. Through this, you can easily use your printers and fax machines without any fuss. Not only will your employees look more efficient, but it will also make your company look more impressive.

g. High-definition video cameras
One of the tools you should also have prepared in your conference rooms is a high-definition video camera. Since the pandemic, meetings have now become more flexible. Even though we are slowly going back to normal, the use of online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet will undoubtedly stay in the business world. Thus, investing in high-definition video cameras will allow your company to hold meetings with your clients who wish to stay at their homes or are in other parts of the world. Moreso, it will leave your clients with the impression that your company is prepared for growth.

3. Always have backup tools.

No matter how much we prepare our conference rooms, we will encounter mishaps every once in a while. So, it is important to always have backup tools if ever that occurs. Never allow your clients to wait for hours because you have a malfunctioning projector or a problematic screen. Even though you cannot immediately replace your projector, you can always have a smart television on standby.

If your company is now adapting a wireless system, do not slack off by not storing backup cables and cords to connect your gadgets. The point is, do not let yourself be caught off guard by unexpected problems.

4. Ensure a reliable internet connection.

Now that we are in a highly technological world, a reliable internet connection is a must in your conference rooms. Whether you admit it or not, your employees’ productivity highly depends on how reliable your internet connection is. Invest in an internet connection with high bandwidth to ensure your employees can use it all at the same time without lagging or slowing down.

A good internet connection is also important if your company works with international clients. Of course, you do not want to be cut off in the middle of a presentation or, worse, a deal.

5. Add a few extra necessities to your list.

Although conference rooms are for meetings, it would not be too bad to add a few extras to the list of the things you will put in them. After all, a little bit of creativity won’t hurt. Putting a small coffee and snack station can allow your employees and prospective clients to have a little bite and sip, especially during long hours of meetings. Having snacks can lighten the mood in serious conversations.

Also, do not forget to put sanitizers, alcohol, and tissue paper in your conference room to keep the place clean and always pleasant in the eyes of your clients.


Your conference room is the reflection of your company. Whether you like it or not, it gives your clients an idea of your company’s growth and success. Not only that, the time you spend with your clients in your conference room lets them quickly judge your character, reflecting the company’s credibility. So, investing in a good one is definitely worth it in the long run.

Having a conference room complete with high-quality sets of equipment and tools is probably every other company’s dream. It may look a bit excessive to some. Still, it is fulfilling when you see your employees gather around and sit on the chairs to discuss their ideas with one another or meet with your prospective clients within the four walls of your conference room.

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