59.9% of Remote Workers Sees Coworking Spaces As A Remote Work Solution, Latest Study Says

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The late 2000s was the rise of coworking spaces. Such is seen as business owners would like to use areas where they don’t have to pay rent. For regular workers working remotely before the pandemic, this is seen as another environment they needed away from home. But 2020 happened.

Aside from the health protocols people worldwide need to follow, like wearing masks in public places, workers are also forced to work at home because of the pandemic. And because people are forced to stay at home, coworking spaces also struggle to stay afloat. Its revenue declined as much as 50%.But as more Americans are being vaccinated, there is more hope for coworking spaces to be in demand once again. And according to some, they see it as a remote work solution.

This blog will review Coworking Insight’s 2020 Future of Work Report and see the importance of coworking space in the post-COVID time.

Remote work isn’t going anywhere – even post-Covid.

As businesses begin to reopen, companies are making decisions on what an ideal workplace should be like post-pandemic. While some are eager to bring their employees back into an office setting, others are still opting for a flexible option or full-time remote work.

Giving options to employees is supported by the State. The recent CDC guidelines mandated employers to offer a flexible remote work option for employees, whether newly hired or tenured.

The same report stated that 73.9% of the remote workers would still work from home. They named five reasons why they still opt for such: being able to work anywhere, no commute, cost-savings, improved productivity, and lesser stress.

But for some, they are eager to return to working spaces.

But still, coworking space is a top option for businesses and employees

It is predicted that coworking space will recover. Over 71% of the remote workers plan to return to coworking spaces. Plus, 54.9% of them claim that they will consider paying for membership as they see it as a remote work solution in the long run.

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Coworking spaces are seen as an option that can benefit remote workers the most. As fun and easy remote work sounds, employees and freelancers still struggle with such shifts due to isolation.

And by joining a shared space, they can focus more as they will be inspired to work as people are also working around them. And this will become a significant productivity booster!

Another advantage of a coworking space is the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who’ll inspire them to reach their goals. Yes, joining a shared space will mean finding a community to network and interact with when they need support.

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Whether it is remote work or using a coworking space, flexibility is key!

The reason for choosing to work from home than at an office is the flexibility it offers.

As previously mentioned, employees are given more options to work wherever they want and how they want. And even whenever they want. Still abiding by the agreement, more employers offer flexible working schedules and arrangements like full-time or partial remote work.

The flexibility of it all doesn’t only promote freedom. It is also the key to improving an employee’s wellbeing. Aside from having a healthier mind, it also means increasing productivity because they are happy and engaged.

Remember: Productivity doesn’t equate to long hours of work.

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Overall, health will remain to be a top priority.

Though businesses reopen, they still have to follow health protocols and guidelines set by the State and other relevant agencies like CDC.

And today, coworking space operators are taking the necessary steps to ensure people using the space feel safe and comforted. This means using technology to eliminate common touchpoints, improving cleaning protocols, and implementing social distancing.

And as long as herd immunity isn’t achieved, masks are still required.

Dynamico Space offers a flexible workspace for remote workers as well.

Even with more people opt to keep a fully remote work arrangement, coworking spaces are still an option for those who aim to expand their network or break free from isolation. And yes, flexibility will remain an option, whether it is the schedule or the workspace.

Dynamico Space San Francisco has a flexible workspace that invites productivity and focuses on business owners and employees. We also ensure health is the top priority by implementing the guidelines by CDC and the San Francisco government. Call us!