Why Use A Coworking Space?


The rising popularity of the “Work From Anywhere” trend has definitely proved that productivity isn’t simply boxed in a conventional office space. It transcends across different spaces and fosters creativity in the most unique places. Imagine working in a beach resort or perhaps in a remote mountain camp. Well, that’s entirely possible with this kind of work setup.

But whenever you don’t want to travel and work or work at home, coworking might be the best alternative for you. You get to interact with others who share the same passion as you do while building your network.

With a coworking space, you get to enjoy the same level of community you have from a traditional office setup plus ten times the perks. This kind of workplace allows you to grow and have your own freedom without being cooped up in your own house. However, you might be wondering if it is all worth it. Well, the decision to work alongside strangers can be quite intimidating but definitely a must-try, especially if you want a change of space.

So, if you are currently asking yourself: why use a coworking space?, then this blog is for you. We will highlight the reasons why you should start working from a coworking space.

Why use a coworking space?

The concept of coworking is not entirely new; in fact, it has been around for more than a decade. What’s interesting is that it all started in San Francisco’s Mission District. In 2005, Brad Neuberg, a software engineer who launched a workspace collective. For the first two months since the launch, no one was interested to visit and try the setup. But right now, you’d be surprised to know that there are over 19,000 coworking spaces across the globe.

So, why the sudden boom? Why use a coworking space? The upward trend in coworking space is largely attributed to the benefits it offers. Not only start-up companies are jumping on the craze but even Fortune 500 companies are choosing coworking spaces over traditional offices.

Here are the benefits of coworking spaces:

Multifunctional Space Suited for Different Needs


Aside from a well-designed space, coworking spaces offer a lot of practical advantages. These can be anything from dedicated workout spaces, private conference rooms, breakout lounges, and more amenities that most traditional offices do not have.

With such attention to detail, the workspace becomes a haven that fosters work and life balance. You get to enjoy a workday with easy access to the facilities that help you become your most productive self. Most coworking spaces include:

  • • Reliable Concierge Support
  • • 24/7 Secure Access
  • • Lounge Areas
  • • Delivery and Mail Sorting
  • • On-site Fitness Center
  • • Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Internet Access

Better Space Flexibility

Do you hate getting tied to a desk? A coworking space guarantees you have a bigger space to enjoy and do your work. This offers flexibility since memberships can be renewed in a month, giving you an opportunity to pick a different spot than your current one.

As your business scales up, most coworking spaces adapt to these new changes and create more room to suit a bigger team — making it easily scalable.

A Sense Of Community

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Were you working from home before the pandemic started? Most likely you’re at your posh desk, but because of a global health crisis, you’re forced to shelter in place and work from home. Over two years have passed yet the coronavirus pandemic continues to linger and affect us.

With flexible working arrangements, working from home has definitely created a sense of isolation. But as different coworking spaces reopen with added health and safety protocols, you can start physically reconnecting with others while social distancing. This answers a pressing question: why is coworking important? It allows individuals with different backgrounds working across different industries to come together and share their ideas to create creative and innovative solutions.

Easy Access for Clients and Prospects


Most startup companies choose to work in a coworking environment because of its central location. Coworking spaces are strategically located at the heart of the business district. This provides a stress-free avenue for client meetings and conferences.

Everyone can quickly visit and meet for a quick chat without having to worry about the commute or the unfamiliar location. As you step outside most coworking spaces in San Francisco, you’ll find a variety of options for transportation and even for a quick lunch-out meeting.

Increased Productivity

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Working from home might be great for some, but not for most individuals. Separating your work and personal life is extremely difficult when you’re at home. It can be challenging to start early in the morning and finish your work on time.

However, this happens less in a coworking environment. The social atmosphere of the space encourages you to be more productive since you are not surrounded by any distractions but rather by committed professionals who are passionate about getting the work done.


Commercial real estate can be crazy expensive especially in San Francisco. A traditional office lease sits at a high price-per-square-foot basis. This is not cost-effective for budding companies and start-ups.

That’s why for you to avoid paying an exuberant amount of lease fees, you can opt-in to a coworking space. You can simply avail of a basic hot desk membership that will cost less than a thousand dollars per month. With the membership, you get to avail yourself of the amenities of the coworking space.

Opportunity to Explore New Ideas

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In traditional office spaces, you’re surrounded by individuals who, most usually, perform the same job function in the same industry as you do. While in a coworking environment, you have more opportunities to develop new skills and interact with different people whose skill sets are entirely different than yours.

This way, you can have more room to ask yourself whether you’re working towards your passion and explore more things that will lead you to a more fulfilling career. More importantly, you can easily tap into people for inspiration which can eventually help you break through the roadblocks and challenges you’re looking to solve.

Still not convinced about the benefits of using a coworking space? Check out this article on the different types of coworking spaces to discover what might work for you.

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The advantages of coworking spaces add up to the ever-changing and evolving workforce. It’s a unique opportunity to reshape the workplace, offering independent workers and freelancers the reliability of a traditional setup with additional perks.

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