Why Dynamico Space is Your Perfect Small Wedding Venue


Many women want a big luxurious wedding, but not everyone wants that or has the option to do so. That’s why having smaller weddings are becoming more popular nowadays. Most couples prefer to be surrounded by their closest friends and family. Indeed, a more intimate guest list can help create unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

So, now the question is: where will you host your wedding? Typically, a small wedding may consist of 30 to 60 guests. With that number, your chosen location is absolutely limitless. However, you also need to be wary about the minimums. A lot of small wedding venues in San Francisco can only accommodate a set number of people.

Whether you’re wondering why you should have a small wedding or curious on how Dynamico Space can be your perfect wedding venue, this blog is for you! Let us help you build special moments today.

Why Have A Small Wedding in San Francisco?

Small weddings offer a lot of interesting benefits. Imagine walking down the aisle and recognizing everyone you know and love — no strangers or a big rowdy crowd in sight. That privacy and exclusivity are only achieved through a small and intimate wedding.

More than that, you also get to cut down the costs of your celebration. You can reduce the overall wedding cost without having to compromise anything. It’s a surreal and perusal feeling to spend time with your loved ones, who are excited to cheer you on in this next chapter of your life.

There’s no doubt that with small weddings, you can enjoy every moment without having to feel pressured to entertain dozens of guests. Whatever the reason may be, having a small wedding is as equally fun and exciting as a big and grand wedding.

Your First Step to Planning A Small and Intimate Wedding

One might think that small weddings are cheap, but they are not. While having a small wedding is relatively cost-effective, the cost might easily rack up. Most brides want a luxe and intimate wedding which can lead to a higher budget per person.

To avoid any conflict in your budget, you should always find the venue first! This is actually the best way to assess your costs and maximize your budget. By determining your venue, you can explore different ways to celebrate too. You can check out Dynamico Space, as your next venue for your small wedding.

Why Dynamico Space Is Your Perfect Small Wedding Venue in San Francisco?


Aside from being a budding coworking space in San Francisco, Dynamico Space is the ideal location for your intimate wedding. Why you might ask? Well, it is a blank canvas waiting for you to adorn and decorate. You’ll find it easy to adopt the trends and create a majestic atmosphere perfect for your special day.

When it comes to designing and decorating the space, the sky’s the limit. And if you are quite afraid that you’ll feel like in an office space, then you’d be glad to know that Dynamico Space has been the prime location for many events — both corporate functions and special celebrations.

So, here are some of the reasons why you should host your small wedding celebration at Dynamico Space:

1. Ample Space for Unique Guest Layout
In traditional weddings, the layout of the matrimonial celebration is divided into two, where the bride walks down the aisle. But in small weddings, you can absolutely play around with the aisle and change the typical layout. This is entirely possible at Dynamico Space.

Since there’s no hard and fast rule as to where your guests should sit, you can try different ideas for your aisle. Instead of having pews or rows of chairs, you can arrange the seats in a semi-circle, so everyone can see this momentous occasion.

Dynamico Space offers a unique opportunity as one of the best indoor and small wedding venues in San Francisco. It has ample space for you to add in benches, eclectic decors, and even cozy furniture pieces for your wedding.

2. Everything Is Customizable
When you have a venue like Dynamico Space, you can literally personalize everything — not just the aisle. Since the space does not have any popping details, you can host an intimate wedding with your desired theme. For example, you can manipulate the lighting to create the mood you are after.

During the occasion, you can opt for dim lighting by keeping your lights low. You may want to consider adding some interesting lighting fixtures to add unique details to the space. You can then switch into hip disco lights for the after-party and reception.

3. Divide the Space into Different Sections
Dynamico Space equals dynamic and fun spaces. Here, we pioneer creating inviting and functional spaces for all sorts of events. That’s why you can also host both your small wedding and reception here. You don’t have to book another location or go to a different venue for your wedding.

All you need to do is divide the space into different sections. You can have your wedding proper in a specific spot, while you set a photo booth or reception area. Sectioning the space is always a great way to maximize and add unique design elements to your venue as well.

Bonus: Indulge in Little Luxuries

Whenever you host your wedding at Dynamico Space, the only thing you’ll think about is the catering. While this might be a disadvantage for some, it is actually a surprising benefit. Because there’s no F&B included in booking a venue here, you can indulge in your favorite treats.

You don’t have to choose between meals and dishes you are unfamiliar with. And with the smaller guest count, you get to be more creative with the menu too. You can either create a banquet-style meal with some super luxe delights, such as caviar and a fine glass of champagne.

What’s more? Aside from all the perks, you don’t have to worry about paying extra corkage fees and additional charges for the celebration. All you need to pay for is the venue, and nothing more. How’s that for affordable?
And, if you’re still not convinced after reading all these perks, then you might want to visit Dynamico Space and check the venue for yourself!

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Always remember that the size of your wedding is the last thing that matters. If you want to host an intimate and small wedding, no one’s stopping you. At Dynamico Space, we can help you plan your small wedding in San Francisco.

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