Who Needs a Shared Workspace?


Shared workspaces are a growing trend in businesses of all types and sizes—for the best reasons. Having a collaborative environment to accommodate a few employees or even an entire team can save time, money, and the stress of finding the perfect workspace.

But is it ideal for your start-up company to have a shared workspace in San Francisco? In this article, we will outline who really needs a coworking space! You might be surprised to discover that shared workspaces are not only best suited for remote small teams.

1. Solopreneurs

Whether you’re an innovator creating the next big thing or a business rebel redefining and disrupting the status quo, you can certainly benefit from working in a shared workspace in San Francisco. How so? You get to socialize and interact with like-minded peers.

As a solopreneur, you can save costs without compromising on your workplace environment. You can focus on doing what you do best while you connect and partner with different companies in the coworking environment. While the biggest businesses are founded in garages or bedrooms, you can start scaling up by investing in a proper workplace environment. By conducting business in a shared workspace, you can also give a good impression of your company’s stability to your potential clients.

2. Consultants and Field Experts

Generally, consultants work with different people to address their specific business needs. Most of them do business online, over the phone, or in person. That’s why they need a quiet and conducive workplace to take calls and host clients. A shared workspace’s professional atmosphere offers this and more.

Aside from that, you wouldn’t have to stress about having a reliable space to facilitate meetings because you have a well-designed environment that caters to the needs of your clients.

3. Remote Employees and Teams

The glory days of working from home have definitely run their course. While many still prefer to work remotely, working from your kitchen table or living room sofa might not be the best place to inspire you to do work. Sometimes, a change of pace is necessary to ensure productivity and work efficiency.

Working in a shared workspace as you tick off critical tasks can truly get you back in your mojo. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, having access to a space better suited to do work helps you stay on track.

Some businesses have a main office in one city while hiring excellent talents across another state. In these cases, a shared workspace also works great for remote teams. Whenever they need to come together, they have a dedicated workspace to deliver their work without the stress and hassle of handling a satellite office.

4. Digital Nomads

One value that every digital nomad upholds is spontaneity. They love being in unfamiliar places while wandering across the globe. Many of them don’t even have a permanent address, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a reliable and collaborative place to work and brainstorm different ideas.

Working on a couch in a hostel room or inside a busy cafe can be isolating and uninspiring—even difficult and distracting at times. That’s why shared workspaces are perfect for digital nomads and freelancers. They can experience a sense of normalcy by having a proper space to work, network, and socialize with others! More than anything, they also enjoy all the perks and amenities for a fraction of the price.

5. Small Medium Enterprises

Businesses of all sizes take advantage of using shared workspaces. Even the Fortune 500 companies or unicorn start-ups choose to work in shared workspaces because of the obvious perks!

However, small and medium enterprises are among the target demographics for shared workspaces. If your business is growing, having the luxury and convenience of coworking spaces puts your brand to the next level. You can entertain clients, establish a virtual office address, and develop better ways to do business in a coworking environment.

Bottom line: Do I Really Need a Shared Workspace?

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Without knowing your needs, it’s quite difficult to say for sure—but you probably need one. Whether you’re expanding your business to a new state, hosting a conference, entertaining clients, or using a temporary space for whatever reason, a shared workspace ensures you don’t have to worry about lost time affecting the way you work.

At the end of the day, you really have to ask yourself: what are my current business needs? If a shared workspace solves a lot of your problems, it’s definitely worth trying!

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The advantages of shared workspaces add up to the ever-changing and evolving workforce. It’s a unique opportunity to reshape the workplace, offering individuals and businesses the reliability of an innovative workplace setup with additional perks.

At Dynamico Space, we pioneer dynamic solutions that reinvent the way you see businesses and work! When you partner with us, we help you maximize the value of your workspace and leave more room for you to focus your time and resources on scaling up your business.

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