6 Tips in Designing Your Shared Workspace in a Coworking Environment

If there is one thing that makes coworking more fun and enjoyable, that is being able to designing your shared workspace any way you want it to be. Do you want it to be simple, laid-back, minimalistic, or loud and creative? A space for some serious business meetings or maybe just a place where individuals can get inspiration from? Whatever you want your space to look like, you can make it happen! The sky is your limit when you are creating your shared workspace.

But of course, you want to give your future clients the best coworking experience they can ever have. So, while you can be all creative in designing your shared workspace, it is still important to think of ways where you can make the most out of it. Here are some helpful tips you can ponder before you start designing your very own shared workspace.

1. Create a versatile shared workspace.

Freelancers, businesses, and companies go to shared workspaces for different purposes – meetings, conferences, brainstorming, and much more. Whatever it may be, while designing your shared workspace, it should be able to cater to the different needs of your prospective clients. One essential tip to maximize your space is to make it as flexible and spacious as possible. Make your ceilings high because it will give your clients a sense of openness, letting them work easier.

Another tip! Do not ever try to fill up every gap in your workspace. It may look like you have a lot of things in the house, but believe me, it will ruin your shared workspace’s overall spacious vibe.

Retractable walls, which you can adjust based on your client’s specific needs, will make your workspace conducive for hosting conferences and events. You can make your walls soundproof so your clients won’t get distracted by each other’s businesses. Setting up freestanding cubicles is also another good option for your shared workspace. It is fully demountable so that you can configure it depending on your arrangement with your client.

A versatile shared workspace will open doors of opportunities for different types of clients. Just make sure you coordinate with your architect and interior designer, so you’ll know what particular materials will hit your goals in one stone.

2. Decide on your shared workspace’s overall theme.

Choosing the overall theme of your shared workspace would determine pretty much everything. From the color of your walls to the type of furniture you would buy, it would all have to jive with your chosen theme. It may put a little bit of pressure on you, but don’t be afraid to be creative! Always remember that you are not in a traditional office setup, so there are no rules to follow. Make sure you are still sticking to your goal – to provide your future clients with the best coworking experience they would ever have.

After deciding on the overall theme, pick the color palette that best suits your chosen vibe. From there, you can choose the color of your walls and ceilings and your furniture’s style. Always check if every element in your workspace complements each other well. Please do not go for colors that can easily distract your clients from their work. Also, opt for versatile themes your future clients can easily relate to.

3. Make sure that there is appropriate lighting and temperature.

Your shared workspace may have the best wall paintings and furniture, but all your efforts would go to waste if you won’t have good lighting and temperature in the shared workspace. Always make sure that every part of your workspace receives appropriate lighting. You can always utilize the windows or set up lights with adjustable brightness. Your clients’ productivity can also be affected by the temperature in the workspace. Find ways how you can control the temperature in your workspace. Consider the layout and size of your workspace when choosing the type of air conditioning unit. You can also install heating systems, if possible. Make sure your clients do not walk out of the door all sweaty or shivering because of the underwhelming temperature in your shared workspace.

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4. Know what furniture you need, and place them appropriately.

Always remember that even though a shared workspace is different from a traditional office, it is still a place where people work. So, you must choose the kind of furniture that would not make your clients feel like they are in their homes. Also, buy furniture conducive to collaboration, like shared worktables and desk benches. High tables with lightweight stools can also be another good option for you. Of course, do not forget to place individual workstations for clients who prefer to work independently but away from their homes. Place everything strategically. You do not want your clients to walk away because they are too distracted by the noise from the conference meeting or brainstorming activity beside them.

5. Choose the best workspace amenities.

Aside from the overall look and feel of your shared workspace, what would create an impression on your clients are the amenities and services you offer. So, step up your game and choose what amenities would best benefit and make your future clients satisfied. Below are some of the best amenities you can consider having in your shared workspace.

  • • Offer a variety of storage options.

    If you want your workspace to be extra helpful to your clients, you can provide them with various storage options. Setting up lockers of different sizes where your clients can store their personal belongings or business documents will make their coworking experience easier and more convenient. You can also set up file cabinets with locks, so your clients do not have to bring piles of documents daily for work. Just make sure that all cabinets are placed in a secured place, complete with labels, to protect your client’s privacy and confidentiality.

  • • Provide multiple outlets.

    Believe me when I say you must place multiple outlets on your shared workspace. Now, it does not only mean that you must have many outlets, but you should also have different outlets. Do not let your clients transfer from one area to another in your workspace because they have to charge the devices they use for work. Also, assume that they won’t bother bringing adapters anymore, so your outlets must be complete of the common ones.

  • • Have your printers, scanners, and projectors always ready.

    Even though most transactions and meetings nowadays happen virtually, it won’t hurt to have your printers, scanners, and projectors readily available. So, you might want to stack up a few of each in case your clients need them for their presentations or meetings.

  • • Provide comfortable furniture for your clients.

    You must never compromise comfort with appearance. A desk chair that looks good but is uncomfortable will not change the fact that it will negatively affect the client’s posture. Buy furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. If you want your clients to get fully satisfied with their coworking experience in your shared workspace, make them use comfortable chairs and ergonomic desks.

  • • Allot space where your clients can eat, rest or take a break.

    Provide specific spaces where your clients can take a nap or have a little chat with their coworkers during breaks. If you have a large shared workspace, consider putting up multiple kitchens and pantries to avoid overcrowding. You can also have a space for a large cafeteria where your clients can mingle with each other if they want to.Pamper your clients by designating a space where they can recharge between long working hours. Setting up an entertainment room that can only open during breaks can be a good idea. Place stations that offer coffee or other beverages all around the shared workspace.A little reminder, though, is that you must set house rules regarding using your workspace’s amenities to keep the place running and in order.

  • • Offer high-speed WiFi and reliable internet and other wired connections.

    Now that we are in a time of highly advanced technology having WiFi and reliable wired connections in your shared workspace is another great factor that your clients would consider. Most transactions and conversations now happen virtually, so please ensure your workspace is not located in an internet dead zone. Otherwise, you might want to bid your clients goodbye.

6. Make it fun!

You can make your experience in designing your dream shared workspace fun and fulfilling. Instead of getting too stressed with all the decisions and preparations that you have to make, why not make it light and stress-free? Let your imagination go wild as you picture your shared workspace. Design a shared workspace that syncs with your personality without forgetting your goal to provide your clients with the best coworking environment.

Bottomline: Do not be afraid to ask!

If you still feel unprepared and unsure of what you want your shared workspace to look like, you can always get the advice of your interior designer or get inspiration from your surroundings. The ideas will eventually flood your mind.

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