What’s Trendy: 5 Things You Can Do in Private Event Spaces


Hosting events can be a fun and challenging task — from setting the date and time, establishing a budget to allocating responsibilities, and most especially, prepping a venue. After all, your chosen event space might be among the reasons why your attendees want to go to the event.

From interestingly unique locations, open-plan layouts, to new venue gimmicks, 2021 truly brings different kinds of venue trends to light. So, what are the things you can do to make your venue more interesting? How can you create better events despite some logistical and budgetary constraints? Well, it’s simple. You can check out these trends and for your future venues.

1. Multiple Venues for Multi-Day Events: The More, The Merrier


Creating better experiences for attendees is the latest fad in event hosting. Many attendees don’t like the feeling of getting stuck in the same room for the whole duration of the event. So, if your event lasts for multiple days, you can try and host your event in different private event spaces in San Francisco.

Think about it; more attendees might be interested in how you’ll reinvent and introduce new concepts and experiences. This only means that you will have a higher attendee turnout. While you may have one base that can accommodate everyone, you can check out alternative spaces like bars, restos, or even upbeat event spaces to add a touch of spice and excitement.

It’s without a doubt that hosting a multi-day event in different venues will create a buzz in the industry and break the monotony too.

2. Brand Values and Venues Go Together

Your chosen venue speaks a lot about your event too. Consider your organization’s core values, and find a venue partner that is aligned with your values and goals. For example, if you’re hosting an event on sustainability, you can pick a venue that embodies green, eco-friendly, solutions—one that uses reusable and recyclable goods.

Or if you are hosting a seminar on health and wellness, you can find a venue that helps accommodate your event’s purpose. A venue with a healthy selection of meals, or even a mini exercise station can work wonders for your event. More than anything, your chosen event space in San Francisco should reinforce the goals and purpose of your event.

3. Virtual Events: More than the Usual Webinars!


The pandemic has practically changed how we live. Before, attending events may require in-person and face-to-face meetings, but right now, virtual events are a hit. And we don’t mean the static, and boring webinars. Virtual events, especially those that stimulate a typical event through virtual reality are just becoming more and more popular.

If you’re planning to host an online event, consider adding the element of VR. It’s a new concept that will entice many attendees to come and join your session. If most of your target demographic does not have the equipment, you can also set up a whole venue for them. Most private event spaces in San Francisco have the capacity to set up a gear of VR goggles and all the technology you’ll need to host your event.

While this might require an in-person meeting, you can definitely avoid physical interactions since you’ll have most of your time spent on a virtual landscape.

4. Event and Venue Personalization: It’s all in the details.


Most event planners prefer event spaces in San Francisco that have aesthetically-pleasing designs. This makes decorating a lot easier and cost-effective. However, there is a growing trend of venue personalization.

In 2021, many prefer to book venues that are blank canvases waiting to be spruced up. This is also among the best ways to brand and personalize your event to appeal to your target audiences. This trend is also evident in party planning, many hosts want to have bare venues where they can choose to dress it up or down.

Bare venues offer a unique opportunity for anyone to create something unique from scratch. It also allows you to express your creativity without worrying whether your theme matches the venue.

5. Out of the Ordinary: Embrace Quirky Event Space

Event spaces are more than just your regular hotel ballrooms or convention centers. There are a lot of private party venues in San Francisco that offer unique and quirky spaces to spice up your party.

When it comes to party venues, the sky’s the limit. You can host your parties in bars, theatres, wineries, and even offbeat event spaces. Just remember to look for a cool and insta-worthy venue and your guests would be delighted to attend. More than that, you can also add new and trendy elements but consider your guests’ demographic when doing so.

More Event Venue Trends to Impress Your Guest

While hosting an event is challenging, it’s quite easy to book a convention center or any typical event space for your upcoming occasion. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing the usual. However, if you want to wow your guests and stand out, you may need to take the extra mile to find private event spaces in San Francisco.

If you’re still looking for more ideas and things you can do in your chosen private event space, here are some of the things you can do:

Go Local

Most consumers are conscious of supporting local and sustainable businesses. So, going local is definitely going to get a nod from your attendees. Take advantage of budding local businesses that need your support.

You can get the community involved, and incorporate “local flavor” in the event by highlighting your community’s dishes’, culture, history, and landscape. This also incentivizes them to come and attend since they can’t get this kind of experience elsewhere. Going this route will make your guests feel good about attending.

Boost Attendee Experiences with AI

Technology plays a huge impact on the success of your event. Previously we’ve mentioned virtual reality, now, you can add another layer to that with artificial intelligence (AI). Since most event-goers want everything related to the event accessible through their phones, you can use AI technology to serve as your event concierge or assistant.

This streamlines the process and avoids everyone lining up in long queues waiting for an attendant to tend to their needs and answer their questions. You can also integrate chatbots into the event to make the floor open for all sorts of questions. All of these features make your event even more interactive.

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Bottom Line: Always Keep an Eye Out for Event Trends


When it comes to finding the right event space or private party venues in San Francisco, you’d be spoilt for choice. All you need to do is explore new places and push past the envelope of traditional venues.

As an event planner, it’s your job to create and deliver an impressive event that turns into a lasting memory to all the attendees. By following these trends, you are certainly set up for success.

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