A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Ideal Startup Office Space in San Francisco

If you are a startup company owner up for a great challenge, you might want to consider the great city of San Francisco in Northern California. With over 800,000 residents within its 46.1 square miles territory, it has been and will be the home of several professionals, businesses, and companies – small and large. For this reason, San Francisco has since been one of the target places for owners of startup companies. However, it is no secret that you can get easily lost in the sea of other startup enterprises trying their luck within the borders of San Francisco as well.

Finding the ideal startup office space in San Francisco for your budding venture will cost you extensive time and effort. So, why don’t we save you some of your precious time? We have put up a collection of tips to guide you in choosing the most suitable startup office space in San Francisco. Read through the article and find out.

1. Prepare yourself for the long process ahead.

Choosing an office space in San Francisco will not end once you have pointed out the most suitable one for you. In fact, your journey is just starting. So, you must prepare for the long process ahead for your startup business – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. There will be several moments when you will get tired and hopeless, but do not fret. If this helps, constantly remind yourself of your goals for your startup business. It will help you fight the burnout you will experience in finding the ideal startup office space in San Francisco.

2. Know what your startup business needs.

You cannot look for an office space unless you know your startup business needs. Want to know a simple yet great tip? Picture your dream office and choose an office space that most resembles it. It is your business, after all. So, do you prefer a simple office space, or are you looking for a more stylish one? Are you a risk taker who prefers to be around your competitors, or do you want to set your office space apart from them and make your clients come to you?

Before looking into more or less 500 available office spaces in San Francisco, save yourself some time by determining what your startup enterprise greatly needs. Here are some other tips you might want to consider.

Narrow down your options.
Narrow down your options by categorizing every available office space in San Francisco. Then, consider your business’s present and future needs and your preferences. List them and eliminate one after the other. That way, you can now focus on the office spaces at the top of your list and thoroughly research them.

Ask for your team’s opinion.
Now, if you already have a team, it would be good to ask for their opinions. Are you having the same vision of what your office space would look like? What adjustments do they need to make when you choose that office space? Furthermore, consider your team’s situation. Is your preferred office space accessible to them? Would it somehow fit their working styles? After all, you will be the ones who will be working toward the dream together.

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3. Choose wisely

Since you are already prepared and have established what your startup venture needs, it is time to choose. Completely trust the process that you went through and push through the wisest option for your startup office space.

Decide on the perfect location.
Choose a location that will help your startup business attract potential investors. Aside from that, choose an office space that is easily accessible to your team and your prospective clients. You might want to choose an office space near public transportation and close to public spaces.

Consider the cost and the rental options.
To set your expectations, San Francisco is already a developed and well-known city for businesses and companies. So, it is safe to say that startup offices in San Francisco would not be cheap. However, do not let this stop you. Set a budget allotment for your office space. Keep in mind your business’ other expenses and determine your projected income for the next months. Doing these allows you to make necessary budget adjustments and gauge where your business will go.

Another thing you should carefully think about is whether you want to rent a traditional or a coworking office space. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to weigh them before you decide.

Check the size, the facilities, and the amenities offered.
Since you will be growing your business in your chosen office space, it is also best if you match your business needs to the size, infrastructure, and amenities offered by your prospective office space. Consider your business’s vision, goals, work ethics, and principles before sealing the deal.

Furthermore, be aware of some tools companies utilize, especially determining the office space size you need to accommodate your team and your enterprise’s equipment. Ideally, the standard workspace with generous space for every employee is about 95 square feet. Do not worry because these tools are readily available online.

Examine the infrastructures in your preferred office space as well. Does it have enough bandwidth and servers for your company’s needs? Does it have the facilities and services you are looking for in your office?

Now, when it comes to style, there are office spaces that will let you customize the space based on your preferences. However, there are office spaces in San Francisco where furniture is included in your contract.

Weigh the possible pros and cons of each of your decisions.
Before deciding which office space is the most suitable for your startup business, make sure you have weighed each of its pros and cons. Choose an office space that will let your business and your employees grow. Remember that whatever decision you make can either break or make the future of your startup enterprise. Moreover, your choice would also affect the people in your team.

However, as much as this huge reality puts great pressure on you as a startup company owner, do not be afraid to take risks. Today’s huge companies are the ones that have leaped with courage amidst all the strong competition within San Francisco. Never be scared of making mistakes and having shortcomings in your decisions. Stick to your goals.

4. Start growing your business.

Of course, however perfect you imagine your chosen office space would be, there will be unprecedented flaws along the way. Starting a business in a city like San Francisco is difficult, but you have already made it through the first few steps. Once you have chosen the ideal startup office space for your startup enterprise, enjoy the whole process.

● Start talking with your prospective clients and potential inventors.
● Build the team’s unity and teamwork.
● Establish your business plans and carefully execute them.
● Be open to possible opportunities.

San Francisco may be bright and shiny, but remember that your dreams are brighter than any city lights. The world will be your oyster as you begin your startup enterprise. So, start finding the best office space in San Francisco because there will surely be a place for your business!