7 Reasons Why Companies Prefer Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces have been around for decades, and the corporate world is definitely catching on. Many large corporations and business enterprises are jumping in on the craze, and they’re loving it! Because what’s not to love about shared workspaces in San Francisco.

Are you still wondering about who uses coworking spaces? Interested to know how corporations leverage the benefits of shared office space in San Francisco? In this article, we will introduce the concept of coworking and the significant advantages this unconventional work setup brings to larger companies aside from startup businesses.

But First, What is Coworking?

The term “coworking” has been thrown around in a lot of conversations in the post-pandemic world. Many people have been shifting to this type of setup since the work-from-home arrangement is getting dull and blurring the boundaries of work. However, most workers don’t really have a clear definition of coworking.

To define, coworking is the use of a common office space or another working environment by people to share equipment, system infrastructure, ideas, and more. Aside from the term “coworking space”, some sectors call it shared workspace, virtual office, or even collective workspace.

In a coworking space, there are several options to choose from such as hot desks (first-come, first-served seats), dedicated desks (reserved spaces), private offices, conference rooms, and more.

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So, Why Are Larger Companies Using Coworking Spaces in San Francisco?

Enterprises and corporations of all sizes are using coworking spaces to their benefit. Some fortune-500 companies are using shared workspaces in San Francisco alongside with a traditional office to appeal to a larger market. But aside from that, they also leverage on all these reasons:

1. Lower Overhead Costs

One of the largest expenses of most businesses is overhead costs. That’s why big companies are looking for innovative and novel methods to keep these costs at bay. With coworking spaces, you get all the benefits of a regular office without paying for a higher overhead cost. How so? In a coworking environment, you are no longer responsible for a lot of things. You don’t have to pay a higher rate for maintenance or even purchase one-time-use equipment since the space typically covers that for you.

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2. Flexibility

Traditional office spaces have strict guidelines and lease agreements, which isn’t necessarily beneficial for you to grow your business. Through a coworking environment, you can explore different options and ensure that you have the right office fit for your company’s needs. Coworking spaces in San Francisco can be your ideal satellite office, especially if you want to tap into the American market as a foreign business.

In any case, you’re not locked in a long-term lease whenever you decide to move your business elsewhere. It’s the perfect experimental ground without all the risks. You can pay on a month-by-month basis and scale up the space based on your need. You can downsize and upsize easily depending on the business demand.

3. Access to Premium Location

Having a prestigious office address adds value to a business’s brand and professional image. Most large corporations want to leverage a coworking space’s premium location as it boosts their reputation.

It will be a highlight for your branding and marketing. Companies can easily impress clients as they are greeted by a receptionist inside a professional and bustling workspace equipped with premium amenities.

4. Increased Networking and Linkages

Startup companies are not alone in wanting to build networks with established businesses. Even large corporations want to reach out to different companies across multiple industries because networking is extremely essential to the success of every business.

A coworking space in San Francisco showcases this opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded professionals in the confines of your workspace. Imagine not having to attend elaborate conferences or seminars to collaborate with different professionals. With coworking spaces, this is entirely possible. And the best thing about it is you can capitalize on your network to influence the improvement, evolution, and refinement of your product or service.

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5. Wider Market Reach

Large corporations are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant in an extremely competitive market. That’s why coworking spaces answer this very need. Through a coworking space in San Francisco, they can easily tap into a new market and maintain a stable market presence in a newer location.

Such actual, physical presence helps establish your business to a wider audience. On the other hand, it also allows you to explore your options and conduct market research whenever necessary.

6. Access to Local Talent

Growing a business in a different location is challenging and overwhelming. However, setting goals for your business allows you to grow sustainably. That’s the beauty of coworking; it lets you refocus on your business goals and scale up your business quickly.

How so? Coworking spaces offer an effective way to have access to a reliable talent pool all while cutting the recruitment timeline. Company leaders can directly tap into the different talents who are already part of the community. These local talents can perform the project and meet their requirements on a contract basis. Aside from that, you can easily converse and connect with potential hires in a more relaxed and open environment.

7. Hassle-Free Setup

Every successful business values their time. And when it comes to expanding, they methodically plan everything on the dot. However, setting up a new office or moving from one location to another can be overwhelmingly stressful not only for the leaders but for the employees as well.

The good thing about coworking spaces is their quick and hassle-free setup. When you choose a coworking space, you don’t have to work on the utilities, the layout, the furniture, or the system infrastructure because everything is ready for you to move in. How’s that for convenient?

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Coworking Spaces: Great for Businesses of All Sizes


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