11 Picks of the Best Productivity Software for Startup Offices

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Some days you find yourself wondering why you feel that work is always a grind! You’re probably too busy to reevaluate your tasks. Those days you might start asking yourself, “How can I complete my tasks with ease? Is there any way I can finish work without having to stress about everything?” Well, there is always a better way, thanks to productivity apps.

Most startup offices have a comprehensive range of workplace needs—project management, team collaboration and communication, time tracking, calendar management, and more. In this article, we’ve picked the best productivity software recommendations to help you cut through the clutter—making you feel that work is a joy, not a strain.

Project management

Trello is a project management app that helps you organize your tasks, track the progress of a project and keep everyone on track. You can add members to your board, attach files and use it for collaboration.

This is a great option for teams working on projects, as it allows you to assign cards to different people and track their progress. It also lets you create checklists, which make it easy to stay on top of things while they’re still in progress.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay organized with your team, then Trello might be worth checking out! This could be the best bet for small and large teams or multiple projects going on at once.

Asana is a project management tool that’s ideal for large-scale projects. It offers many features you’ll come to appreciate as your company grows, such as:

  • • Team collaboration and communication. Asana helps teams stay on top of their work by allowing them to share plans and organize tasks within individual projects. Team members can even vote on which items move forward, giving each item clear priority status within the workflow.
  • • Flexible workflows. You can create different types of workflows depending on the type of task at hand—whether it’s something simple like scheduling an interview or something more complex like tracking all changes made by multiple users in one place (and assigning those changes ownership).


Of course, you need to communicate with your team with ease. Zoom offers that and more! You and your team can work from anywhere with an uninterrupted connection in just a single app. It’s a powerhouse app that has everything you need communication-wise—combining team chat, phone, and video conferencing with a single click.

More than anything, it can accommodate up to 500 participants to collaborate seamlessly. Zoom is also equipped with a full suite of collaboration features, perfect for both small and larger teams.

Chanty isn’t the most popular app for work communications, but we guarantee that this app is great for your teams! You can easily get in touch with your colleagues, whether it be through private, public, or one-on-one conversations.

What’s more? You never lose a single message in Chanty—and you don’t have to pay an additional cost for it. The Teambook feature helps you keep all your messages, files, and links with ease. Like Zoom, they also have voice messaging and call features where you can instantly communicate and deliver time-critical information.

Do you have a hundred unread emails waiting for you to open? Well, some of us are guilty of this. We tend not to read or check emails as much as we have to. Sometimes, we even forget to respond to them.

With Boomerang, you have a dedicated email management application that schedules and sets email reminders—so you don’t have to scroll through and find the email that needs your attention. You can easily block off time and remove unnecessary interruptions so you can finish your tasks and focus on your work.


Google Workspace
Google Workspace is certainly the best productivity tool for team collaboration! You can literally do everything in one platform—from writing emails to word processing. It’s also kitted with other productivity tools such as Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and literally everything you need for work. The only drawback is the limited storage for those free-tier users.

Other than that, it definitely streamlines real-time collaboration, minimizing time to ask for feedback and finalize work. It’s also extremely intuitive, lessening the learning curve for first-time users.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft’s version of Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, also has a roster of productivity tools that might be better suited for your organization. It spans teleconferencing options, cloud storage, collaboration tools, and other useful apps that were only available offline. Unlike Google Workspace, it doesn’t have a free-for-life version, just month-long free trials.

Time tracking

When it comes to time tracking and checking work progress, Toggl is the ultimate time-saver app! It is built with business owners in mind and gives you an instant overview of your billable hours!

What we love about Toggl is its endless integration capabilities, which add a layer of functionality to it. It also offers offline time tracking and mobile functionalities, perfect if you still want to check work while you’re on the go.

Just like Toggl, Harvest lets you track your productive hours! Time tracking is made easy and simple since you can seamlessly work and track your time from the web, your smartphone, or even using integrated apps.

You’ll love its intuitive interface and powerful reporting tools. More than that, you can easily create and send invoices through the app.

Calendar Management and Meetings

This is a must-have tool for small business owners and startup companies because it eliminates any distractions when scheduling and booking meetings.

You can also set up events from your current calendar and even block out times when you’re unavailable. This only means that your clients can set a meeting and reserve a time slot without having to send an email. You don’t even have to go back and forth on a time that works for everyone.

Bitrix24 comes with an exhaustive range of built-in calendars for all teams, such as company-wide, team, and private calendars you can use for appointment scheduling and event planning.

It gives you limitless options to create group calendars with features specific to your every need. You can also set permissions on who can view it. Aside from that, it’s perfect for remote teams across the globe as it has in-app time zone settings and video conferencing options.

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