How to Create a Good Conference Room for Productive Meetings

How to Create a Good Conference Room for Productive Meetings

Productive meetings are highly influenced by a lot of factors—the attendee’s interest, agenda for the day, schedule, and of course, the environment. Conference rooms can make or break any kind of meeting.

In fact, good conference room management should be prioritized by different organizations. This helps create a functional and effective space for your team members to share and discuss their ideas. Without any kind of management, conference rooms would be improperly utilized, causing certain disruptions to the workforce.

The good thing is that conference room management is not too complicated. You only need to follow some practical tips to turn your dull space into a haven that excites ideas and sparks good discussion. Here are five ideas to help you conduct a productive conference room meeting.

1.  Use a Centralized Booking System

Modern offices and conference room rentals in San Francisco should be equipped with conference room scheduling software. This is a practical way to reserve meeting spaces without worrying about any slip-ups or overlaps. A centralized reservation system operates in real-time and even allows you to book the meeting room far into the future. Other features of a good booking system include:

  • • Showing Real-time Availability and Next Availability
  • • Multiple Platforms to Make Reservations
  • • Prompt Email Confirmation about Meeting Details

The simplifies the process for everyone. It basically allows all your team members to check the availability of rooms and seamlessly streamlines the booking process. This helps avoid any confusion when booking a meeting. In turn, it eliminates double bookings or unnotified cancellations that affect everyone’s schedule and productivity at work.

2.  Assess The Meeting Room’s Layout

Some people might wonder why this is important. However, they fail to realize that this can create a significant difference. Consider what you’ll be doing in the conference room: will you be hosting a presentation or leading a workshop?

Understanding the purpose of your meeting or assembly can determine your conference room setup. Usually, you need to have a space that is flexible, where you can set up a boardroom or U-shape layout. Both these layouts are commonly used during meetings and workshops.

3.  Equip Your Space With the Right Tools

Have you ever experienced having trouble starting a meeting because of a missing speaker or a hard-to-find microphone? Well, this happens quite a lot more than one would expect. That’s why it’s essential to equip your space with all the things that you need.

In cases where you’re looking for conference room rentals in San Francisco, make sure your chosen rental space has the tools and equipment for you to get started. You make a standard checklist of the equipment you’ll need. This can include any of the following:

• Television or Projectors

• Audio Visual Systems

• High-Quality Video Conferencing Cameras

• Whiteboards

• Speakers and Microphones for Remote Meetings

4.  Ensure Practical Interior Set-Up for Everyone

When you host meetings, your employees will surely give a lot of excuses on why they’re late for the meeting. To eliminate one excuse, your meeting spaces should be in an easy-to-spot location with clear signage or lettering in front of the room.

This only means that wayfinding also plays a vital role in ensuring productive meetings. Aside from visual signages, physical cues (such as Braille) might be beneficial as well. You should also consider the following:

Proper Positioning of Equipment:

Most shared workspaces in San Francisco put a lot of thought into their interior design, especially since it can influence one’s productivity. The same goes with meeting rooms. You need to carefully plan the placement of every piece of furnishing or equipment to ensure that everyone can access it with ease.

Accessibility of Entrances:

Whether you’re setting up your very own meeting space or looking for conference room rentals in San Francisco, you should think about everyone, including those with wheelchairs. You should accommodate the unique needs of all your team members to guarantee a fruitful meeting.

5.  Create a Defined List of Rules.

Of course, setting rules is an important aspect you need to consider. Informing your employees about the basic guidelines of your shared space can spell the difference between a hassle-free and disastrous process. You can list all the procedures and protocols necessary such as accessing Wi-Fi network information, ways on how to book the room, and a detailed guide or FAQ.

With COVID-19 still ever-present in our environment, you can also consider including a set of health and safety guidelines on how to maintain proper physical distancing and regular sanitation.

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Bottom Line: What Makes a Good Conference Room?

No two businesses will have the same and exact criteria for an ideal conference room. Yet there are some things that are considered to be universally beneficial—good lighting, accessible space, well-equipped meeting spaces, and most importantly a reliable, high-quality video conferencing system.

Now that you learned five tips in creating effective conference rooms, you’ll have a better sense of what to do in planning your space. These strategies will help you come up with solid conference room ideas and put productivity at the center of your space.

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