7 Common Elements in Every Successful Coworking Space in San Francisco

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More and more businesses are shifting to innovative solutions over the years, thanks to new technologies and the Internet. One of the most common changes is coworking—from traditional office leases, companies are looking for unconventional ways to work and network through coworking spaces.

Over 1.1 million people work in 14,000 coworking spaces globally; this only highlights the growing popularity of the movement. It is even expected that the number will double in the next five years. But why are workers and multinational companies choosing coworking spaces instead of term leases? It’s because of the benefits of a coworking space! Here are the top elements of every successful coworking space in San Francisco.

1. Affordable Prices for Bespoke Solutions

Startup companies look for better flexibility when it comes to office leases; some companies don’t need to rent an entire floor to run their operations. However, traditional office leases tend only to offer limited packages well-suited for bigger teams.

With coworking spaces, budding businesses can significantly reduce their operational costs without compromising their work environment. Many entrepreneurs realize that coworking spaces offer a comprehensive list of features and amenities for a fraction of the price. In San Francisco, you can book a hot desk for just $200.

2. Location is Everything!

When searching for a successful and reliable coworking space, always consider the location. The location is probably the second most important element to factor in. Why is that? Well, coworking spaces scream convenience. The premier location of a coworking space also attracts potential clients and partnerships. So, why choose a location that’s relatively far from transportation hubs or commute routes?

3. Vibe Check? Good Atmosphere Means Increased Productivity

When you walk into a coworking space in San Francisco, how does it make you feel? Do you feel more relaxed or pressured to get the job done? Most coworking spaces have a calmer, more relaxed ambiance, making you feel comfortable. It’s like working at home but on steroids!

In fact, studies revealed that over 60% of individuals feel more relaxed and productive since coworking. However, it’s quite difficult to measure the ambiance and vibe of a space by just simply walking in. It’s best to get a daily pass and observe whether the work environment is right for you. This is the perk you get with coworking spaces: one-time passes before you’re ready to commit to a longer, monthly contract.

4. Community and Networking Opportunities

Great ambiance goes hand in hand with an open and ecstatic community. The best and most successful coworking spaces help you leverage through networking. They have gathered different professionals who thrive and work in similar niches and industries. This means you can easily tap and collaborate with the best people in the industry.

Coworking spaces let you explore and network without that barrier to entry. You can speak freely with other members who share the same passion, which is another excellent benefit of coworking.

5. Safe and Secure Systems

One of the major drawbacks when choosing a coworking space is probably data privacy and security. Of course, many companies worry about data breaches that will potentially impact their business operations. This can be an unfortunate possibility when working in a more open work environment.

However, some of the best coworking spaces have systems in place to guarantee that your data and business files remain safe and secured, both online and offline. Always ask how coworking spaces mitigate and provide precautionary solutions to avoid data breaches. You can also check whether there were any instances of hacking and breaches inside your preferred coworking space.

6. Well-Equipped with the Right Tools and Amenities

While it’s obvious that you need to bring your own equipment to operate in a coworking space, it’s best that they also have different amenities and tools, just in case. Consider having lockable storage, 24/7 secure access, high-speed Internet, and mail service when shopping around for a coworking space.

7. Spacious Conference Rooms

Ready to meet with your prospects? Make sure to give a lasting first impression. Having a conference room in a coworking space cuts down the necessary worry when the time comes; you have all the technologies and support you need when hosting your meeting.

While your clients and business associates usually wouldn’t mind having to set and organize a meeting place, a coworking space with conference rooms available at your beck just makes everything more convenient. It also ensures privacy and comfort for you to discuss confidential information.

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Coworking Spaces: Great for Businesses of All Sizes

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