5 Benefits of Shared Workspaces in San Francisco

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When it comes to telecommuting, shared workspaces in San Francisco are definitely the new normal workplace. However, this isn’t recent news; coworking spaces have been on the rise for the past decade! Now more than ever, companies of all sizes are embracing innovative ways to work—for the best reasons.

Whether you’re a budding business owner launching your company or a unicorn startup, shared workspaces should be something you should consider. Like any good business decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this shift. Does it provide more value to your employees and clients? How will this change benefit your brand image? Is it more convenient to make the change?

Asking the right questions helps you narrow down the decision-making process. That’s why we’ve made a list of benefits to help you out. Check out the key benefits associated with shared workspaces in San Francisco.

1. Improved Space Maximization and Utilization

Shared workspaces bring individuals across different industries together. While the space might seem public and limited, it’s designed with functionality in mind—reducing costs and encouraging better use of floor space.

Creating a new floor plan is the best way to measure space maximization and utilization rate. This way, you can determine the cost savings before making any changes.

2. Increased Productivity

Ideally, shared workspaces spark collaboration among teams. Isolation from telecommuting can significantly damper one’s motivation. It would be great to restore team dynamics and inspire productivity without hindering flexibility through shared workspaces.

Instead of struggling to keep up with work and counting the hours until the shift ends, shared workspaces give you and your employees access to a highly productive environment. Of course, consider your employees first; ask them if they feel more productive with their current setup than drastically shifting their environment. Be intentional about the changes—don’t make changes just for the sake of it.

3. More Flexible and Sustainable Option

As your company grows, you need a workspace solution that supports your business as you scale up! That’s why you need a flexible option in all aspects, from the plan, cost, and event space.

With shared workspaces, you don’t have to worry about a year-long lease. You can choose between hot desks or private office memberships. Aside from that, you also won’t have to deal with upfront fees or deposits. What’s more? You can easily scale up or down without the hassle if you need a private office in a shared workspace, no problem. Want to mingle and socialize with peers? You can easily ditch your private desk for a hot desk.

The overall flexibility offered by shared workspaces allows you to grow your business and focus on the aspects that matter most to you! It’s a more sustainable option given the flexibility it offers compared to a typical lease.

4. Access to the Best Talent and Insight

Shared workspaces truly offer a lot of perks—one thing that stands out above the rest is exposure to incredible talent! A collaborative environment highlights the process of how different individuals and peers share responsibilities and contributions to arrive at a common goal.

But what if no one can seem to solve the problem internally? Pooled talent is the key! You can easily tap other individuals to help you come up with innovative and creative solutions. This streamlines work and encourages networking and professional development. A shared workspace fosters the value of thinking outside the box and attacking problems at all angles and levels.

5. Renewed Definition for Workplace Culture

Some companies take pride in their “dynamic” workplace culture while working in cubicles! While the traditional workplace setting works, understanding the changing times and adapting to the needs of different individuals puts more emphasis on healthy workplace culture.

Shared workspaces give you full autonomy to define your workday. Socialization, productivity, and even problem-solving are clearly determined by individuals who uphold the same values and culture! That’s why coworking environments and shared workspaces highlight a fun, conventional, and communal workplace setting.

Bottom line: Assessing the Benefits First

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While these benefits are innate to shared workspaces, they are only afforded to companies and businesses that correctly identify their goals toward growth. Before making new changes or shifting to an entirely different setup, it’s essential to benchmark variables to assess the impact of the benefits!

Of course, the benefits always outweigh the harms. However, shared workspaces are not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, consider all factors.

Ready to Make the Change?

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Are you still wondering why you use a coworking space? Of course, you get to enjoy tons of perks, including enhanced productivity, lower costs, and better work-life balance. More than that, it also opens you to a realm of opportunities, where you get to meet and connect with different people.

Here at Dynamico Space, flexibility is at the core of our business. No matter your professional needs, we welcome a new and innovative approach for startup companies to grow and scale up their businesses. Indeed, our shared office spaces can be avenues for exciting and fresh ideas.

If you are interested to know more about coworking spaces, get in touch with one of our project managers by calling 415-483-6050. Discuss your needs and book a tour of your potential startup office space in San Francisco today!

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