7 Types of Coworking Spaces in San Francisco


There’s a coworking space for every need; the problem now lies in figuring out which type best suits your goals. You can find bespoke office space solutions with flexible terms and appealing amenities. But how can you decide which is best?

Since different companies have varying requirements and standards, coworking spaces have become more inventive to accommodate the growing demand for high-quality shared workspaces. As for you, you might be wondering which suits your needs best. To help you make this decision, we present various types of coworking spaces that you can choose from.

1. Conventional Coworking Spaces


Conventional coworking spaces are also referred to as open hotdesking. This type of coworking space is the most common definition when people think of coworking. It isn’t necessarily focused on a specific organization or niches but rather highlights a more open and collaborative office environment.

Because it involves hotdesking, it is also the most affordable alternative to office leases or long-term rentals. While you enjoy the financial benefits of conventional coworking spaces, they don’t offer a heightened sense of privacy as a regular office. You won’t get private rooms or dedicated desks, but you get to enjoy a more casual, well-lit atmosphere perfect for networking and collaborating with other like-minded individuals.

2. Full-Service


Some coworking spaces in San Francisco offer a tiered membership, while others only offer the most premium amenities and services. This type of coworking space is considered a full-service coworking space.

These flex spaces exude luxury and convenience unparalleled by conventional and other types of coworking spaces. You can get catered meals, unlimited coffee, a gym membership, and a laundry list of features and benefits that truly distinguishes them from the rest.

Like conventional coworking spaces, they also tend to be more open and energetic with a casual vibe, fostering collaboration and shared ideas across multiple teams and individuals. The price difference between conventional and full-service coworking spaces is definitely significant; you really get what you pay for in full-service coworking spaces.

3. Private Rooms in a Coworking Setting

Many startup companies discuss confidential and private matters in a coworking setting. How is this possible? Through flexible private rooms in coworking spaces. While this might also exist in conventional coworking spaces, it deserves its own category.

Private rooms offer a secluded, more private space for teams who are concerned with their privacy. While coworking spaces pride themselves on being collaborative and open, private rooms allow for flexibility and affordability as well.

Unlike hotdesks, you can avail of lockable rooms equipped with different amenities. Some private coworking rooms can even include your corporate branding to personalize your space for your employees and customers. What’s best? All these can be made available on flexible terms as short as six months.

4. Minimal Coworking Spaces


Think of these spaces as bare coworking spaces. They have a minimalist approach to interior design with less furniture and decor than usual. The amenities are also minimal compared to other coworking spaces. The reason behind this is AFFORDABILITY.

With lesser features and amenities, the prices are extremely affordable. Aside from Wi-Fi, you can also expect free-flowing coffee, but that’s about it. When it comes to the atmosphere, they’re generally quiet and casual too. So, if you don’t mind foregoing some amenities for a cheaper price, semi-furnished and minimal coworking spaces are perfect for you.

5. Lifestyle-Oriented Coworking Spaces


Suppose you’re looking for work-life balance and a sense of community while working on your passion project or your startup business. In that case, lifestyle-oriented coworking spaces are an ideal coworking solution. Some lifestyle-oriented coworking spaces focus on building a community; the space allows maximum interaction.

You can also enjoy monthly get-togethers and events to grow your network. However, they might not be ideal for individuals who can only work in a quiet environment; lifestyle-oriented coworking spaces are typically upbeat and energetic. Prices will significantly vary depending on your requirements. However, you should expect to pay a premium for access to their community benefits and amenities.

6. Industry-Specific Coworking Spaces


While coworking spaces are generally flexible, some are niche-specific. Industry-focused businesses like healthcare providers, law firms, creatives, and other specialized businesses prefer this type of coworking space since they can tailor their services and environment to their unique needs.

Industry-specific coworking spaces allow maximum privacy and customization focused on the nature of the industry they serve.

7. Virtual Offices


Planning to scale up your budding business but can afford an office lease or a 24/7 reception? Virtual offices are the most affordable and hassle-free solution. They can cover your office management needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

You also get to enjoy a premium physical address—an incredibly underrated service that allows you to receive mail and meet your customers or employees in a professional environment on an as-needed basis. Typically, virtual offices cost around $100 to $150 per month. However, the price could rack up depending on the services you require.

Virtual offices are perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small companies that need a professional office setting on demand without having to sign a contract lease.

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Bottom line: Find a Coworking Space Tailored to Your Needs

There are definitely countless types of coworking spaces for you to choose from. It all boils down to finding the right coworking space that fits your needs. When choosing your desired coworking space, think about your needs first!

The anatomy of good coworking spaces adds up to the ever-changing, evolving, and dynamic workforce. It’s a unique opportunity to reshape the workplace, offering independent workers and freelancers the reliability of a traditional setup with additional perks.

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